Prompt: Bless this Body

As I’m typing, it’s clear, sunny, and warm. There are sparrows out my kitchen window flittering onto our bird feeder and then back to wherever they go about their sparrow day—nice breeze coming in through the open window too. 

A couple of nights ago, the Fearless community had its first Zoom open mic/get-together. (You’re welcome to join, the link is included in my weekly email). It was a blast to hang out, trading songs and stories and telling each other about the song camps that many of us head off to each year. I hadn’t heard about John McCutcheon’s Camp before, but it sounds terrific.

Anyway . . . I’m going on cruise control with the blog this week and next. I’m finishing out my time at one job and gearing up for a new job which I’m pleased about, and it’s time for a bit of a break.

Seth Meyers and the Late Night crew seem to take them nearly monthly. (I’m sure they’re actually working in their off weeks, but then I’m sure I will too). There’s a prompt below, and I’ll send another next week as well.


The Prompt:

Art by Tung Ming Chin. Find out more about Tung’s work here.

New to Chord Flow? 

Here’s an intro: Chord Flow, Playing with the Basics
Here’s how it works in the Key of C: Chord Flow in the Key of C
Chord substitution with Chord Flow: ACEing Chord Flow Substitution

The Next Fearless Challenge begins Sunday, July, 24th

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