Prompt: Recurring Dream

There’s a weirdness to getting going after taking a break (especially when there’s so much change swirling around me). I’ve got a new job. I’m learning the ropes and settling in. I played my first show in ages a week and a half ago (it was pretty great, here’s a pic taken by Rob Mattson).

I’ve got my mornings free, but I’m working a bit later than I’m used to. So, there’s some adjustment as I’m settling in.

And, I’m revisiting The Artist’s Way, which often leads me to reconsider how I’m allotting my time and focus. (I highly recommend it).

Here are a few things I’ve been playing around with the last little while I’ve been orienting myself.

Muscle Music (app) 

I used this app to help me gear up for the gig. The focus is on getting to know my nervous system and better regulating it on stage. Creator Ruby Rose Fox knows her stuff and has tons of performance experience she draws on as she walks you through, finding a more playful, relaxed space to be in on stage. I loved working with it.

Here’s a taste from Muscle Music’s Instagram:

The “Period Form” from Ryan Leech (and Musescore)

I’m the type of melody writer who tends to play some chords, mumble some words, and make something up. It’s a time-honored method. I do get suspicious sometimes I there are opportunities for melodic growth. 

Enter Ryan Leach’s explanation of the “period form,” which is exactly kind of the thing I’ve been looking for, i.e., a way to look at and play with melody.

You probably don’t need to notate a melody to play with the period form, but I do like the way notating melodies makes them feel more concrete. I’ve started using the free notation software Musescore to write an 8-bar ditty most days. After a couple of instructional videos, I can dash off a ditty in less than 10 minutes.

Way of Life (app)

Ruby Rose Fox mentioned this app in the Muscle Music App. It’s a reminder/tracker app. I’m using it to help me remember to do my morning pages, do a “shut down” ritual, and take my Omega-3 tablets.

Oh! And I have a reminder to do one “lovely/kind” thing for myself each day.

It’s easy for me to OD on this type of structure, so I’m taking it easy on adding more for the moment, but it’s nice to have these reminders and a way to track them.


The Prompt:

Art by Esther Bubley. Find out more about Esther’s work here.

New to Chord Flow? 

Here’s an intro: Chord Flow, Playing with the Basics
Here’s how it works in the Key of C: Chord Flow in the Key of C
Chord substitution with Chord Flow: ACEing Chord Flow Substitution

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