Hi! I’m Timmy.

You are a songwriter who is looking for ways to write your best songs. Every week on this blog I offer tools and opportunities for songwriters like you (and me) to write songs and do our best work. 

  • I look under the hood of great songs to see how things work and find hints of how we might tune up our own songs. 
  • I post tools and encouragement to help you get down to the work of writing more songs. 
  • Each week a prompt is posted too, to help spark your imagination and give your writing a little jump start.  

Six times a year I offer The Fearless Songwriting Challenge. You should try it out. (It’s free). The Challenge is to write 7 songs in 7 days. 

Wait! Writing the songs is the fun part! 

The Challenge is ignoring our Resistance and inner critic so we can get to the fun part, every day for seven days. Lots of people write their best song ever when they complete The Fearless Challenge. 

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