An Empathetic Point of View

In the last two days I’ve twice been challenged to be more empathetic. More specifically, I’ve been challenged by two separate people to look at the beliefs of people I don’t agree with, and how their worldview is actually right.  

One time was from a political commentator whose thought is that a political group’s argument in recently breaking news isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. He suggests they need to think more like their opposition if they are going to create an argument that will affect how the opposition thinks.   

The second time was in The Marketing Seminar, where Seth Godin asked this question more or less; “How is the person who says they aren’t interested in you are selling correct in rejecting it?” 

To think from another person’s point of view empathy, but it’s also good strategy. If I can begin thinking from the point of view of “the other,” from the point of view of people who don’t agree with me, I’m more likely to find the places where we do agree. 

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