Saturday Songwriting: Flowers in Last Month’s Newspaper

This weeks lesson, (about using the last couple of lessons I’ve sent out to name the notes in a C chord*), has me thinking about arpeggios.  An arpeggio is just the fancy name for playing the notes of a chord individually, instead of strumming. When guitarist finger picks, they’re playing arpeggios, but you can also pick out arpeggios as with a guitar pick, like lots of bluegrass pickers do.  So this week, instead of strumming, why not break up your chords into individual notes like rain drops hitting the ground?   

This week’s sheet is below.  If you have any questions let me know or could use some clarification, leave a comment below.  

*If you missed the last couple sheets they are here, here, and, here

The Prompt:

Here’s a link to Gordon Hopkin’s “landscape and sea in Spain 2”

The Musical Idea:

Here’s a downloadable pdf of the worksheet above:

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