The Marketing Audit

I started The Marketing Seminar two weeks ago now. The first exercise was a marketing audit: 26 questions about how I’m currently marketing my project. We were told we’d also complete the audit at the end of the course. It would double as a before and after snapshot. 

Nothing about it was too hard. Though I’m not clear what exactly psychographic are, I assume by the end of the class I will have learned.  

What was surprising is that as I filled out the audit, I found my focus drifted between projects. I’d answer one question referring the Fearless Songwriting community, and another referring to the project I’m working on discussing the principles of music.  

In my mind, I’ve thought, I’m able to juggle everything clearly and focus on what I need to. But the truth shown by the audit is clear, when I start talking about my projects even I’m a little confused about what I’m actually working on.  Finding out I’m confused is the beginning of clarity.

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