This Page Intentionally Left Blank, an Explanation

I’ve been reading Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s “Rest.” It’s a manifesto for space in our lives. Or, “why you get more done when you work less,” which is the subtitle. It’s an open question in my life right now.

I’ve gone from being furloughed and the large swaths of time that accompany it, to full-time employment and trying to balance my writing, music and art with that.   

This week, Sunday i was scheduled to work a double. Monday I was was also scheduled for a double. I was also committed to posting a blog Monday morning.   

I thought posting “This page intentionally left blank,” was nearly perfect summation of what I’m aiming for but haven’t quite achieved. Two days later, I’m left wondering what intentionally leaving the page blank, i.e. leaving my time open sometimes would look like. Or will look like.   

Adding more and more commitments to my time is my habit, but I don’t think it’s one that serves me. 

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