Figuring out what works, and what doesn’t

A few months ago, everything seemed pretty steady. Work, health, you know, it all seemed pretty well set   

It goes without saying, that has changed. That old axe about change being the only constant is feeling real present. I find I’m kicking and fighting to merely tread water in situations I thought I knew how to handle.  

But here’s thing about the chaos, is it sort of allows more space to try things out. If nothing is quite working the way it used to, why not try out something new?  

One thought on “Figuring out what works, and what doesn’t

  1. Good morning, Timmy! I am enjoying the beginning of this post – the first three paragraphs already offer a useful perspective for me this morning – but wanted to let you know that the link from my email copy of the post to your website leads me to a “Page not found” notice.

    I always enjoy reading your posts and appreciate the level at which you put out valuable content! And I keep meaning to thank you for letting me know you’ve been reading Rest! I’m glad you’re finding that useful – it’s about time for me to listen to it again!

    ~ Matthew


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