Tunesday: Sept. 1st: Shuffle of Moonlight

Every Tunesday I post a boldly imperfect, one-take song draft of a song.

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In the shuffle of the moonlight 
She whispered in his ear 
The memory of a raven 
The dancing of a deer 

In the Gossip of the moonlight
He new he didn’t care 
Of his promise to another 
In the strut of love’s affairs 

Orphans never lose their loss of home 
Drift together in the river’s flow 

The secrets of a river 
are the stones it can’t ignore 
Like the rustle of a first kiss 
That flutters on it’s shore 

Goosedown feather blankets 
The weathered brush of wool 
A lover is a soft bed 
that scratches at you too 

A jewel round on your shoulders
A joy beneath your tongue
The murmur of the soft sound
of the hush of two as one

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