Showing Up

Here’s a simple excercise I learned from Resmaa Menakem listening to the “On Being” podcast. He talks about how this quick practice helps a body to orient itself and recognize that a space is safe. Despite not being conscious of any threat, it’s really common for a person’s lizard brain to be on alert because they haven’t oriented to a space. Try it out. You’ll notice a difference. I notice this exercise helps me arrive. It quiets the thoughts racing through my head. It allows me to focus on the task at hand. The link to the practice is below, but the script basically this:

Take a moment to notice in your body what’s arrived, and what’s still in the air.  
Turn to look over your left shoulder using your hips and neck, 
Return to center when you are ready. 
Look down, and when you are ready return to center. 
Look up, when you are ready return to center.
Look over your right shoulder using both your hips and neck. 
When you are ready, return to center. 
Now, notice what’s different.

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