Project Banckruptcy

On a Zoom call the other day a friend brought up the idea of email bankruptcy. Financial bankruptcy is a pretty familiar idea. A person is out of money and can’t hope to pay off your debts, they are extended beyond any hope of recovering. It can be a bit messy, but it gives a person a way to escape.   

Declaring email bankruptcy is similar. A person is over their head in messages and can’t hope to catch up. They call a do over.  

Hearing my friend speak on the idea, I thought, why not project bankruptcy? I had at least one project I needed to declare bankruptcy on. I was uncommitted and falling behind. Quitting wasn’t even going to affect anyone. Not really. 

I’ve been encouraged all my life that being a quitter is a bad thing, (which is a version of all or nothing thinking). Sometimes freeing myself of a commitment is nearly the best thing I can do.

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