The Necessary Part

Was there Movement today? Lots actually. Specifically the movement of nearly all living room furniture. I had a table in the corner of our apartment I used as a desk. A small bookcase from my sisters childhood bedroom sits atop it with knick-knacks and tokens of import to me. An altar of sorts. There are post cards from a friend. Rocks from various seashores. A copy of Leo Lionni’s Frederick in Greek crowns the structure. It’s my little altar to creativity and the muse.

The desk takes up some fair amount of room in a cramped one bedroom apartment. It’s been a point of contention here and there. (More here than there really, as in; Why is it still here?) But of late Soph has observed, (correctly), that more often than not I belly up to the kitchen table and do my writing and other work there. Today, a bookcase arrived to replace the desk.

I assembled the bookcase. I disassembled the the desk. Then, everything moved. Couched, coffee tables. My altar newly atop the bookcase. The table (née desk) was stowed in a closet. The music stand Soph gave me on my birthday came out. Where a messy desk had been, there is now a couch. Where the couch had been is now a surprisingly comfy little music nook.

I had clung so tightly to my desk. Now I’m rather fond of the nook which is much more inviting and playful. The crux of the whole thing though, was the altar. I realized I could move that, and leave the desk behind. Sometimes I cling onto something I think of as a whole, but the necessary part, or at least the part I really like, is smaller than imagined. I don’t need the whole big thing.

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