1800 Poems Folded Away in a Drawer

Did you know Emily had only 10 poems published in her lifetime. As it’s told, those published were edited and changed quite a bit. When she died her sister discovered nearly two thousand of Emily’s poems secreted in a drawer. What’s a creative person today to make of that?  (It feels deeply sad).

Today, the world is much different, and much louder. Anyone and everyone can loose their fledgling works into the world to see if they take wing. There’s a risk to sending our poems, our songs, our thoughts out into the flatland of trolls and indifference that is the landscape of the internet. We could be attacked. We could go unnoticed. 

It seems Emily was a bit of both. Yet she persisted.   

Will you ship? Will you persist?  

Here’s a song I wrote back in early February. The caveats are the same as usual, it’s a one take of a freshly written song. Someday it may live a fuller life.


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