What’s Your Mission?

Vulnerability hangover. You know the situation. 

A person does something risky. They share a thought or a feeling they wouldn’t normally. They do it with co-workers, or maybe with a friend they know is judgmental. They probably succeed, they do the thing with aplomb. Soon, they can’t think of the episode without wanting to curl into a ball and hide under a doughnut shop.   

How does a person deal with that, especially a creative person? Performance, publishing, or putting an exhibition up are all public acts. They risk vulnerability. Many people want adulation. Few want risk. People want cake but they’re afraid to cut it. Some people believe mere adulation is worth the risk of vulnerability; I don’t believe they make it far.  

One answer, is to be focused on something important enough so they forget vulnerability. A mission can work something like a lighting rod for shame. Shame hits a strong mission and gets dispersed into the ground.  If a person is focused enough on a mission or a goal they don’t consider vulnerability or shame.  

Do you have a mission? 

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