Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Most of the thoughts I have aren’t true. Not wholly true. Sometimes not even a little bit true. This can be a painful piece of information to run into. 

For instance; how many times have I predicted a person’s anger and been surprised to learn they’re not angry. How many times, sad to say, has the vice versa been true?

I fail at predicting events. I’m mediocre at remembering events accurately. I’m not particularly good at seeing things I’m not already looking for.  And I’m not alone.   

I could, however, become skilled in curiosity about my own misperceptions. I could become generous by holding curiosity about how other’s might be misperceiving a situation.  Misperceptions and confusion are as common as they air we breath.  Don’t believe everything you think, (or that anyone else thinks).   

(If you’d like to dive deeper; here’s a list of common thought distortions).

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