Let There Be Song Union

It’s been a mess of a week but in a good way. 

I started offering ❤️Song Work❤️ sessions on the Let There Be Song Union (that’s my Patreon). These are co-working sessions to dive in and edit songs we’ve written. We join the link, do a quick check-in and settle, then hit mute and go! It’s been great to have dedicated time to work on songs and fellow workers to do it with.  

And, I’m going to go ahead and blame them for knocking my blog off schedule this week, which is why soon I’ll likely add a zoom on Mondays for time-blocking and planning what needs to get done during my week.   

Now’s a great time to join the Union. Around the next Fearless Challenge in November, I’ll likely add tiers to the Union. But I believe you gotta dance with the folks that brung ya, so if you join now, you’ll have access to whatever benefits I add to the Union in the next few weeks. The Union is pay what you want until tiers are introduced. (The median donation seems to be $5). Please feel free to join here or at the bottom of this email. And, of course, if you’re already a part of the Union/Patreon, thank you! 

Next week the ❤️Song Work❤️ sessions will be on Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 AM ET. 

The Prompt:

Art by Adam G. Find out more about Adam’s art here.

New to Chord Flow? 

Here’s an intro: Chord Flow, Playing with the Basics
Here’s how it works in the Key of C: Chord Flow in the Key of C
Chord substitution with Chord Flow: ACEing Chord Flow Substitution

The Next Fearless Challenge begins Sunday, Novemver, 6th

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