Chord Flow Keys, Mirrored

This past Sunday was the first day of a new Fearless Challenge. I usually put the blog on pause during the challenge, but I happened to write this for a group I belong to.

Sunday, I woke up early-ish, sat down, and did some writing. As I was working, I put together this sheet, a Chord Flow visualization of both the key of G major and G minor. I think of it as the key of G major and its reflection, or maybe its moody twin.  

Chord Flow organizes chords so that chords that are close to each other sound good together. Lots of songs use three chords from a row and add one from above or below.  Something like this: 

Tom Waits uses the chords circled above in Ol’ 55, for example. The progression mostly is a loop of G Bm C and D:

I did something similar but chose five chords instead of four, these ones:

My song uses this progression: G D Dm C Cm G D 

Rough Draft One Take of the song I wrote on Day 1 of the challenge.

Looking at it, this doesn’t seem like the trickiest chord progression ever, but I had never considered using it before. That’s one of the cool things about laying the chords out this way.   

I could nerd out about the rest of the song too. It’s neat to see how everything falls into place with Chord Flow, and also where it doesn’t. 


New to Chord Flow? 

Here’s an intro: Chord Flow, Playing with the Basics
Here’s how it works in the Key of C: Chord Flow in the Key of C
Chord substitution with Chord Flow: ACEing Chord Flow Substitution

The Next Fearless Challenge begins Sunday, July, 24th

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