Saturday Songwriting: Chord Flow (Substitutes in the Key of C)

My phone has an alarm app on it that I love. It plays a recording of a singing bowl at progressively closer intervals over a period of time until I wake refreshed, bow to it, and start my daily sun salutations. Just kidding, I wake up benighted and drenched in groggy before beginning a spiral of check-ins with email, news, and late-night monologues.

I’m not fond of the latter part of my wake-up routine. When I got a new to me phone last week, it also allowed me to repurpose my old phone and break my morning internet spiral.

I purged most of the apps on it, including its internet browser. I kept the alarm clock (and the Roku remote). Now it rests on my nightstand, I wake to the sound of singing bells, and I can’t doom-scroll when I pick it up to turn the alarm off. It’s a small thing, but it seems to allow me to leave my new phone on a shelf when I get home and read, or talk to my wife, or you know, write a song.

This week I revisited and revised the chord substitution sheet I created about a year and a half ago. Before it looked like this. Now it looks like the one below. 


The Prompt:

Art by Lacey Bryant. Find out more about Lacey’s work here.

The Musical Idea:

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