Saturday Songwriting: David Bowie, Young Americans

I’ve been excited about this week for a while. David Bowie’s “Young Americans” is a a favorite of mine.  I’ve seen it looming out there at number 486 on Rolling Stone’s list for the past few weeks. I can’t say exactly why it hits the spot for me. It just does. There are so many things going on in this song that can’t be covered in a single page. Take some time and check it out. And Enjoy!

The Prompt:

Here’s a link to Nicole Gustafsson’s Art. Find out more about Nicole’s work here.

The Musical Idea:

Here’s a downloadable pdf of the worksheet above:

Unfamiliar with BEAD Guides Chord Flow?
Here’s an intro: BEAD GCF Intro
Here’s how it works in the Key of C: BEAD Key of C
Here’s how it maps chord substitutes: BEAD Subs

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