Making Songwriting Tools and Opportunities Accessible

I’ve been hitting “publish” nearly daily for a little over six months. I’ve been happy to see each like that comes my way, and grateful to see readers occasionally moved to comment.   

It’s seems there have been a couple of arcs to what I’ve posted. In the summer, I was focused a lot on what self-care meant to me, and how to create space for discernment without self-judgment.  

Over the fall, I’ve gotten more interested in how focus my time and energy. On how and what to prioritize.  

And, dear reader, I imagine you can smell from this recap, some kind of announcement coming on, which is this: for next little bit, I’m abandoning the established five day a week schedule for the blog and focusing in on my project explaining the principles of music with BEAD Guides Chord Flow.  

I’ve come come to the conclusion it’s time to really focus on what I’ve wanted to be a priority for a long time, making songwriting tools and opportunities accessible for songwriters, (especially songwriter guitarists).   

The weekly prompts and musical ideas I’ve been posting each Friday will continue. I’m sure over time other things will begin to turn up here as well. It just won’t be on a regular schedule for a while.  

Be well, 


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