Displaced Priorities

When I first started writing, I was told writers write. Everyday.   

I’ve been told the same thing about exercise and meditation—have a daily practice. My guitar teachers over the years have insisted on the same thing. Yoga and stretching as well. And so it is with any task of import: when I decide to commit, the commitment I decide to make is daily.  

But of course, I can’t do everything daily. I have time to really prioritize two daily practices, maybe three depending on the time they demand.   

So the point of writing this is simply to remind myself of that. To leave a mental Post-It: the next time I imagine I should make something a daily practice, remember, I can’t. It’s to remember I must choose my two, or maybe three priorities. To remember, any daily practice I add will displace a priority, so it better be more important. 

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