Tunesday Dec 8th: When is the Story Complete

Every Tunesday I post a boldly imperfect, one-take song draft of a song. This was written during FAWM 2020 (February Album Writing Month). A friend offered me a prompt to write a song of questions. This is what I came up with. (You can receive a new prompt most Fridays and find out more about the Fearless Songwriting Challenge by signing up for my mailing list here).

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Who is the giver, who is the gift?
Who is the lion, whom with the Lamb sits?
When does bestowing, become behooving?
Was it a gift? Was it a plan?

Whence did the word come? Who did it quote?
Why does it differ from mouth to the spoke?
Why am I wondering what fiddles and cats sing?
Am I just mud? Am I a ghost?

Am I dreaming or fast asleep
Bored stiff or edged on my seat
When is the story is complete?

What are the riches that I can bring with me?
When will it falter that this too shall pass?
How is river, not just the same water?
What is the limit of expanses so vast

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