Cleverness Complicates

I’m in the fourth week since I’ve begun planning my week out in advance. Last week I noticed, I spent much time erasing and rearranging my time each day. I began to suspect it would be worthwhile using two sheets instead of one. One to track my plans, the other to track my actions. It sounded clever and efficient. 

Over time with the two sheets I could hone my habits and make my plans better suit my temperament. I could compare and contrast, etc. Then my follow though collapsed.

From a good, impartial distance I’d identify a few reasons for this.  

There’s the election, and I’m a bit of a political news junky. I’ve been distracted.  

There’s the simple fact my planning this habit is about three weeks in.  

Its “shiny new thing” motivation has waned.   

AND, I’m really suspicious that two sheets is too many.  

One sheet is simpler. Sure one sheet requires daily erasure, but it’s still less work than juggling and tracking two. Cleverness complicates. I’ll aim for simple.  

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