I change best by feeling good.

The other day I wrote these words on my bathroom mirror.  “I change best by feeling good.” They words are BJ Fogg’s.  

I used to believe in yelling, demeaning, and cajoling myself. But it doesn’t really work, does it? Now I’m working with this idea: “I change best by feeling good.”

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One thought on “I change best by feeling good.

  1. I’ve begun playing with an exercise called “the circle of excellence.” It comes out of NLP, and the language isn’t my favorite, but I try not to let language and framing obscure the value of something that has value at essence. I think this exercise might match up well with the notion of “resourcing” arising from Peter Levine’s work, and I am interested in using it as a frame to explore proprioceptive space as I invite my best possible future self to embody me in the present. Engaging resource is me feeling good, and I know that both engaging resource and feeling good change me in ways I want to be changed.


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