Why Write Songs

Songs are awesome, moving, and life changing. 
Songs help me know who I am, and learn what I know.  
Songs also help me learn what I don’t know.   
They can be funny, or poignant, or if you’re John Prine both. 
Songs can bring people together. 
Songs are an opportunity to speak a person’s mind. 
They can act as a bit of revenge, (sorry exes everywhere).
They are an opportunity to learn how to speak more compellingly.  
They can teach us to speak more engagingly. 
Songs can teach us to say what we mean.  
Writing songs might cause you fall in love with writing, communication and poetry.  
In a world that is learning to value empathy more and more, songs a place to learn about our emotions.  
They are an opportunity for grow, and to see our growth.    
Songs are awesome, moving, and life changing. 

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