Riding the Bus

Lately, riding the bus has become something I look forward to. It’s an hour commute into work if I take the bus. When I first returned to work, after my “government sponsored sabbatical,” I drove in by car everyday, saving a half hour or so. But now, both my wife and I are working again. Since we have one car, I’m taking the bus again.   

I started bringing my laptop with me. At home, sometimes I feel guilty working on a blog or doing other creative work. It’s time I could be spend with Soph. Also, I get sucked into the news, or facebook, or other dark playgrounds of the internet.  

On the bus, there’s no wifi. There is my phone, but for some reason it’s nice to sit at the back of the bus and type away. Do my work. The  commute is the right amount of time more or less. I type for a half-hour or so into Harvard Sq, switch busses, and then I can read for a bit before I arrive in downtown Boston.  Sometimes riding the bus is my most productive time during the day. 

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