Hungry Cat

It’s late tonight. The cat is purring hungrily next to me. He’s eaten, but he’s always hungry. This is a bit like the part of my mind that always wants more information, more input, even when it’s late and I’m tired.   

I’m pretty with strict with the cat’s feeding schedule.

And you can likely see the path this is going down where I insinuate that I should take the same or better care of myself as the cat, or something like that. . . 

But I could choose to stop.

It’s windy tonight, the leaves are rustling. The breeze is cool and pleasant. I could just stop and enjoy the breeze. 

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2 thoughts on “Hungry Cat

  1. I hope you took some time to enjoy the breeze. I wonder how much difference there is between a cool pleasant breeze and a cold angry gale? I’m sure there’s a way to measure it scientifically (temperature, wind speed) but I think it also depends on the perspective of the person (or cat) experiencing it…


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