Saturday Songwriting: The Trainer’s Whisper

I woke up started flipping through my “Definitive Paul Simon Songbook.” What would be a good song to play around with? I settled on “You Can Call Me Al.” It’s a fun song. A simple riff, given lots of texture in its recording, with a bright chorus. There’s a lot a person could glom onto and focus on.  The part I might be cool to play with for this week is that the melody in the verse mostly trends downward.  In the chorus, the melody mostly trends upward. It’s a cool way to differentiate the two sections.  What if you were to write a song in which the melody mostly arcs downward in the verses, and mostly arcs upward in the chorus?  (Or vice versa)?  

The Prompt:

Here’s a link to Pablo Amaringo’s image, Huasi Yuchana

The Musical Idea:

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