Tunesday: War Inside of Me

Every Tunesday I post a boldly imperfect, one-take song draft of a song, (which gets written from the prompt posted the previous Saturday):

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Like a coconut climbing a ladder 
This cookie gets fatter and fatter 
And I’m here begging for crumbs

Like a statue plans with Rand McNally 
I’m stuck like a book in an ally 
And blind like the blare of a drum

Riding my Hobby Horse forward 
Tucked into hospital corners
Hand on the hilt of a war 
inside of me 

Like a glove that can’t touch it’s own leather 
I’ve traded my comfort for bad weather 
Dark clouds on the sites of a gun 

Like a picasso scrawling on a chalkboard
The stern looks are listing toward starboard 
Closing the clasp on the coffin 

And this applause is the kiss of a dream
Supposed to eat shit like it’s peaches and cream 

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