Doodling with Words

I’ve read that doodling helps many people think better. Maybe it’s the kind of repetitive activity like washing dishes that lulls a persons judging brain to sleep.   

In doodling, single line could become a flower stem, or part of a ladder, or maybe a bemused smile like the Mona Lisa’s. The stakes low for doodling and the possibilities are nearly endless. Even a person who thinks they are at art might allow themselves to make swirly spirals in the margins of their paper.   

Which makes me wonder, couldn’t a person doodle with words in a similar way. Just start writing words like doodling loop the loops on a page. Both activities merely require a person to start moving their pen or pencil on the paper.  

[I end most blog posts with a fun drawing. This week I’ll posting a little musical sketch from “The Fearless Songwriting Challenge,” I host. To find out more join the email list below!]

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Like the wounded wielding swords
Like the sun rising up side down
When the ocean tip toes in a rain drop
The rain drops is going to drown

Like singing a song with the swans
Like telling the charcoal to stop
When the beggar is begged out business
the penny is going to drop

Too Soon
Last fall
The while clouds are drifting downwards
St Peter is calling for Paul

Like footprints falling in the snow
Like a parasol caught in the rain
When a parachutes swung by it’s ripcord
The ground will embrace the plane

Too soon
Last fall
The white clouds are drifting downwards
Unready for the call

Like dreams that don’t come to pass
Like autumn wrapped up in a shawl
When the basinet bows to the bough break
The hammer is going to fall

Too soon
Last fall
The white clouds are drifting downward
to catch me when they call

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