Creativity is a bit like a potluck.

As long as a person shows up and brings something to the table they’ll walk away fed.

It doesn’t matter what a person brings to the potluck, they get fed all the same.

It won’t always be exactly what I wanted, but if I show up with my efforts at the table of creativity, I won’t be left wanting.

[I end most blog posts with a fun drawing. This week I’ll posting a little musical sketch from “The Fearless Songwriting Challenge,” I host. To find out more join the email list below!]

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Have you ever watched in wonder
the wildness just outside
The broken shards of sidewalk
The cracks that we can’t hide
Cries called from Cairo to Castro
Halos hidden under lids
Bushels bulge with business
Angels dancing on a pin

Have you ever slept all weekend
Have you lived the life supine?
Drank to Dionysius
Found mission in the moonshine
Read the braille of lovers
Touched on every hill and dale
But still found your candle covered
An empty holy Grail

Have you heard love on the grapevine
In the glow of reddened cheeks
The fairest maid the stars aligned
All is fair in war and peace
Have you seen the boisterous shoreline
That the watch the tide erode
Sipped a bible from the bottle
Forget the ocean for the words

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