The Smoke from your Security

This is a one take from mid-March of 2020. There’s not a lot more to say really.

Haul your lunch from day to day
Honest work for honest pay
No idea the net has slipped
No idea the boat has shipped

Working for the steam to run
Hard work, hard days but hardly fun
Find no diamond’s in this shoveled coal
At the poker table who’s the fool?

Taste the sulphur of regret
While you save ashes from your cigarettes
Honey drizzled in the owners tea
Is the smoke of your security

A busted day a dollar missed
A chance you take, the devil’s kiss
Frittered youth pissed into a pot
No idea it’s all you’ve got

Comes along a younger man
Bottled lightning in his plans
Watch him do the work of two
Wish to god that was still you

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