None of My Business

As I went food shopping, I was listening to Brené Brown’s podcast with Laverne Cox. They got to the rapid fire questions.   

Brené prompted Laverne with the question, “What is something other people often get wrong about you.” 

Laverne answered; “What other people say about me is none my business.” 

Those are good boundaries. We can’t control what other people say about us. So let them say what they want. Even as I type those words, I find a part of myself searching out clauses and caveats to amend it. It’s pretty scary to let go of my belief that I can nice my way into getting people to like and speak well of me, which is a bit manipulative. 

What it I were to try it out?  What is if I committed to the idea; “What other people say about me is none my business?” 

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