I’ve been wresting with generosity. I think of it as offering what I have, and often a bit more than I would like. In my mind, it’s related to charity. Helping others out. 

Generosity is often presented as a moral issue. I kind of spiritual quid pro quo. If I’m nice to a person, that person (or another) will also treat me with generosity, ‘cause that’s karma baby! The reverse is also thought to be true. If avarice drives my motives; the karma’s hounds will be hot on my trail. 

But just about everyone recognizes that a quid pro quo, a “this for that” relationship isn’t really generosity. Generosity is when we do something without the expectations of recompense. And if our generosity is driven by a desire to be seen as good in the eyes of men or gods, well isn’t that still quid pro quo.

What if generosity were none of these things? What if generosity were simply holding ourselves and others in an equal regard of caring and love. What if generosity springs out of our self-worth and self-love. Generosity that comes out of self-worth would be motivated not by the judgment of others (or a higher power), but out of inherent goodness. 

I end up offering a person more than my materially driven self feels is wise, yet if I I made the offer out of my self-worth and inherent goodness, I think it’s hard to offer more than I can afford. I can also partner with others freely, knowing that partnership can never be a blemish my self, even if it doesn’t work out as we would like. That feels generous to me.     

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