A scene in lots of movies is when characters set up camp and decide who will take the watch while others sleep. Taking the watch is a sacred duty. It’s looking after other’s safety. In forming a community of any size an agreement is made to watch over each other’s shoulders. I allow other members to do work they couldn’t if they had also look out for their own safety. 

When I join a group, it’s not just the synergy of aligned goals that allows me to dive deeper, or a mere alignment of ideas. On a physical level I’m allowed to relax and focus. I have other people to keep guard and hold my safety. I keep the watch for them and they keep the watch for me. 

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1 thought on “Lookout”

  1. I’ve never thought of it like this, Tim, but it’s a really good point. There’s an inherent feeling of safety when you’re with a group you trust. Thanks for sharing this!


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