The Advice We Give Others

We always give other people the best advice which we’re ignoring ourselves. Last night my friend, Charlotte, asked for feedback on her website.  

Here’s what I said: 

I concur with everyone who’s asked what the main action you want someone to take is. (I’d argue that action should be to sign up for a mailing list; mailing list sign-up = potential “True Fan”).

I continued: 

Whatever you choose to do, remember all the Seth Godin lessons of the past 100 days. The group of fans you correspond with regularly isn’t your email list, they are potential true fans. You aren’t asking them to sign up for a newsletter, you’re inviting them into a tribe you’re creating which “paints a world . . . unified through a love of music, culture and community.” Aspire to create something idiosyncratic. Aspire to create something identifiably yours. Then ship it (when it’s ready, but ship it).

All the while thinking back on “” and saying to myself, “Self, you should be getting on top of this too.”  

So here’s a reminder; when you offer someone else great advice remember you’re may also be offering to yourself.  

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