The Creative’s Workshop

The first thing I discovered after joining “The Creative’s Workshop” is I was expected to post something—everyday—for 100 days. Seth, the workshops creator calls this “The Dailies.”  The Dailies are sort of like Morning Pages in the Artist’s Way, except Morning Pages are private. This would was to be public, (at least public to the group). I hadn’t signed up for that. I didn’t know what I’d signed up for. I liked the workshop’s name and I liked Seth’s work.   

The Daily commitment is ten minutes. Spend ten minutes creating something and post it. This is an example of a low bar and a head fake. The low bar?  Even on a hard day, most people can find 10 minutes in which to post something. (A post about how it was a hard day would count if you decided it did). The head fake? Once most people sit down to start a daily more than ten minutes will be spent, I sure did.   

100 days after joining, this was the tally of things in my dailies:   

Songs Written: 31 (Song Co-written: 4)

Instrumentals started: 1

Explanations of my songwriting process: 3

Blogs blogged: 23

BEAD One Sheets: 22

BEAD Videos: 12

Song Videos: 3

Theory Worksheets Created: 2

Days spent as a hair care professional: 1

Old poems posted: 5

New poems posted: 5

Things submitted for approval: 2

Sketched posted: 4

Coaching Clients Recruited: 2

Weekly Songwriting Groups held: 5

Fearless Songwriting Weeks: 2

Songwriting Prompts Created: 19

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