Your Guardian Voices

When starting from “I don’t much know what this will look like,” the second step, is often the hardest. 

The first step is exciting but doubt often accompanies the second, which may sound like, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Or shame sets in, which may sound like; “Who are you to do this?”  

These are admirable voices guarding the barrier walls of what’s familiar and safe.  Call them Resistance or Gremlins, if you like, but fight them at your peril.  They are jujitsu masters. Tussle with them and you’ll yourself pinned down inside your barrier walls, never taking another step.  

Even in naming them The Critic, or Lizard Brain can lead to a problem when you think they are outside you, other, attacking you. And once you’re imagining them as an outside force, you’re fighting them already.   

Remember these voices protector of things you value deeply.  If you don’t believe, try asking what does the thought “I don’ know what I’m doing,” show about me that’s really cool? Isn’t it really saying it would prefer you do what you know you can do well, with competency?  

Do you value doing good work? Isn’t it awesome you have a voice that wants to protect you from doing work that’s substandard?  

But work that is fresh and original lies on the other side of the fog of uncertainty.  Show your respect for what that voice values.  Explain you’ll momentarily risking substandard work to reach work that is excellent and unique, not merely good.   

What about the voice saying; “How dare you!?” Maybe it value’s humility.  It thinks you may become grandiose. Is humility something worth valuing? (I think so too).  If the two of you decide it’s something you value then continue with the work and agree you won’t let it got to your head too much if it’s good.

Knowing your guardian voices are protecting something you both value allows you to continue forward together.   

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