I want my attention back.

Yesterday I found a blog linked by Tim Ferriss, which talked about how to set up an iPhone to encourage focus, to reorganize it as a tool for my use instead of as a tool various businesses use to leech my time and attention.

I’ve read all the literature on good habits and time management and I still get distracted.  I’d prefer to write songs with my attention, and do other deep work. My phone is currently the enemy of deep work.

So I dove down the rabbit hole, you can dive down it as well.

My big takeaways were:

1. I ditched my phone’s browser, for now at least.
2. I turned off all the badges, (annoying red numbers), and most of my phones alerts.
3. I set up “Do not disturb” time from midnight to noon on my phone daily.

If you read the article and try it out, let me know. I’ll report on how it’s working soon.

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