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July 21st 2020 Tune for Tuesday

Another quick one take: These days I’m finding my dad float up in my songs a lot. I suppose with last weeks prompt being “Morse Code,” it was nearly inevitable. He was a HAM radio operator. After dinner, if he was home, he was more often than not stationed in his “Ham Shack,” the room at the top of the kitchen stairs. When I grew up some dad’s would have an office (or these days a man cave), filled with the smell of tobacco or smoke. Dad’s room smelled of static and ozone.

Footsteps tap along the road 
Dots & dashes of morse code
Silver quarters in a jar 
Now I’m wondering where you are

Smoke signs burnt into the air 
A last goodbye, well thee fair 
Ash that echoes from afar 
Now I’m wondering where you are 

Our neighbors sleep beneath their stones 
Someday I’ll be one of those 
Driven home in a long black car 
Will I meet you where you are?

A call out on your radio 
To dads we never really know 
Now I’m wondering where you are

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Tunesday: The Negligence of Negligée

I could write about the fight of sitting down to write this one. But here’s something else; I was convinced I needed to do a better recording. I hadn’t listened to this one take. I assumed it was kind of halting, and generally bad. Then I listened. It’s fine. Probably won’t win any awards, but it’s plenty good enough. Abundantly good enough even. I think that’s true more often than not: if I’ve convinced myself something is unacceptably awful, it’s usually abundantly good enough.

Cheeks freckled with stars
like freight cars
a canvas at midnight
a blanket to hold tight

Lips burning with wars
Like deep fjords
A coast of colors
dropped by the sun

Tempura shawl, a finery of psalms
Bedpost lillies blooming red wine
Raindrops ripened on the vine

Hennaed my heart
like mozart
the songs of saints
Sistine Chapel finger paints

Dressed up my dreams
Crows convened
A jangle of guitars
A whisper of jaguars

Painting with honey in our dreams
the blush of sugar cane
the negligence of negligee

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Down in the Cellar

Here’s the song I wrote from yesterday’s prompt. This video is, I think, the first time I played the whole thing through. I’d wanted to record another one take, but it’s getting late and I’m tired.

Down in the Cellar 
Is where he used to go
To fill up his well and 
Hide from his woes

Down in the Cellar
He’d fix his radio 
The tools made him feel better
Calling out from down below 

A message in wires
The signal from on high 
A frequency 
Calling out from down below 
Calling out from down below 

Down in the cellar
Transistors shock and roll
Current resistors 
Go no where else to go 

Down in the cellar
The message is crystal clear 
Freedom rings loudest 
For those with ears to hear 

Down in the Cellar 
You can’t keep a person down 
They’ll find the tools to yell there 
In their message you will drown