How are you doing?

As I write this it’s Sunday afternoon, in early December in the year of 2020.  

How are you doing?   

While I’m busy soldiering on, doing my daily Work, things are getting a bit scary out there Covid-wise again.   

As always there’s lots I could be doing. And there’s lots I want to be doing. Hell, there’s lots I am doing. (Here, I’m noticing the my good ‘ol productivity gremlin is up on my shoulder whispering in my ear).

Anyway, here’s what I’m aiming to get to today: there’s a lot of stress and anxiety out there right now, and my won’t is to do my best to ignore it and mule on through the month. Maybe yours is too? 

But ignoring it doesn’t mean I’m invulnerable and nothing is affecting me. Things are hard right now. For me, it’s important to stop and admit it. Then I can take a breath, look around the living room,  actually feel my experience while noticing I’m cradled by a good amount of relative safety.  

Taking a breath and taking and feeling my experience means I have to stop my deep dive on the daily news and Facebook for a moment or two—maybe stretch a little. Turning off my internet connection couldn’t hurt. Going for a walk is never a bad idea either.

Anyway, I wanted to check in.  

How are you doing?  

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2 thoughts on “How are you doing?

  1. Thanks as ever for your grounded perspective, and thanks for modeling this checking in. I like this image of being cradled by relative safety. I feel I am as well, in many ways. This year has been an excuse for me to let go of what doesn’t serve me, and that practice is hinting at keeping things realer than ever heading into the New Year. I’ve had no choice but to go on faith in regard to a lot of things this year, and that seems to be becoming more the case now. One benefit of having less choice than I would like is that faith becomes increasingly attractive and useful.

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    1. Yeah, in kind of a similar process here. It’s been such a weird year, but despite being stressful and anxiety inducing, it’s given me lots of time to assess and reassess what’s serving me, and what it isn’t, then experiment with how to hew more closely to what’s serving me.


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