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I recently stumbled onto BJ Fogg’s “Tiny Habits.” B.J. is a behavior scientist. He studies how people form habits. What makes habits stick.  

The short answer?  


Celebration is the glue that makes a habit sticky.  As a who was person raised in a “you’ll do the work because it’s what’s expected of you,” type of environment I don’t truck much with celebration. Apparently though, it’s worth doing a little dance when I do something that I hope I’ll repeat in the future.   

I’ve read enough positive psychology to know it’s what I’m supposed to do for other people. But I never stopped to consider that a I’m human too. And being human, positive reinforcement might just work for me as well.

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Hungry Cat

It’s late tonight. The cat is purring hungrily next to me. He’s eaten, but he’s always hungry. This is a bit like the part of my mind that always wants more information, more input, even when it’s late and I’m tired.   

I’m pretty with strict with the cat’s feeding schedule.

And you can likely see the path this is going down where I insinuate that I should take the same or better care of myself as the cat, or something like that. . . 

But I could choose to stop.

It’s windy tonight, the leaves are rustling. The breeze is cool and pleasant. I could just stop and enjoy the breeze. 

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Tunesday Aug. 25th: The Last to Burn

Every Tunesday I post a boldly imperfect, one-take song draft of a song.

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What is Enough?

I’m a big advocate of “enough.” 

What is enough?  

How do I define enough for myself?

How do I guard myself for when the world, (and the voices in my own head), tells me what I’ve done isn’t enough?  

Enough is a work in progress. An experiment even. Most of what I do, I’d love to do more of, until I find that I don’t want to do anything anymore. It’s preferable not to get to “I don’t want to do anything anymore.” So I’m aiming to learn what’s enough.